Luxury traveller personalities revealed, Europe remains popular


  Paris, France topped the list for luxury romantic getaways and fine dining reservations.  

European destinations remain the most popular amongst affluent travellers, while cruise holidays continue to climb the ranks, according to network survey results.

International luxury travel agency network, Virtuoso, has revealed findings from its annual ‘Travel Dreams’ survey, identifying unique travel personalities through respondents selections.

There’s the classic traveller (26 percent of respondents) who re-visits destinations; the connoisseur (24 percent of respondents) who indulges in culture, arts and culinary delights; the trendsetter who’s all about what’s new and next; the go-getter who’s active and adventurous; and the relaxationist who prefers to rest, rejuvenate and restore while on vacation.

Italy topped the list of dream destinations, while Paris was number one for dining and romance.

Photographing the ‘big five’ while on safari in Africa ranks as the ‘trip of a lifetime.’

Although European river cruising and Mediterranean sailing trips were the most popular forms of cruising, expedition trips to Antarctic and Alaska made the top five for luxury travellers.

See below for complete survey results.

Top Trips of a Lifetime

1.      Photographing the “big five” on African safari

2.      Renting a European villa

3.      Galápagos Islands expedition

4.      Antarctic cruise

5.      World cruise

6.      Cruising Alaska’s Inside Passage

7.      Staying in Europe’s top hotel suites

8.      Renting a private island in the Caribbean

9.      Chartering a private jet          

10.  Paris with a personal shopper

Top 10 Dream Destinations

1.      Italy

2.      Antarctica

3.      France

4.      England

5.      Myanmar (Burma)

6.      United States

7.      Argentina

8.      South Africa

9.      Turkey

10.  Cuba

Fantasy Islands

1.      Galápagos Islands      

2.      Greek Islands 

3.      Maldives

4.      The Caribbean

5.      Hawaii

Where to Make Dinner Reservations

1.      Paris

2.      New York City

3.      Rome

4.      Florence

5.      Barcelona

Cities That Excite   

1.      New York

2.      Paris

3.      London

4.      Rome

5.      Istanbul    

Best Trips For Two

1.      Paris in April

2.      New York for shopping, dining and shows

3.      Mediterranean cruise

4.      Roman holiday

5.      Caribbean resort stay

Where to Set Sail          

1.      European river/ canal

2.      The Mediterranean

3.      Alaska

4.      Antarctica

5.      The Caribbean    

Favourite Family Holidays

1.      African safari

2.      Ski and snowboard adventure

3.      Galápagos Islands

4.      Ireland’s castles and countryside

5.      Alaskan cruise

Source = ETB News: P.T.
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