Five Regal Hotels Bronze Benchmarked by EarthCheck Green Achievements Showcase in Hotels

Five Regal Hotels in Hong Kong are presented Bronze Benchmarking Certificate from EarthCheck. Ms.
Belinda Yeung (4th from left), Executive Director and Chief Operating Officer of Regal Hotels International,
and Mr. Andre Russ (3rd from left), Vice President – Sales of EarthCheck, take a photo with Hotel General

In an important milestone, five Regal Hotels in Hong Kong achieved Bronze Benchmarking by EarthCheck, the travel and tourism industry’s most credible benchmarking and certification program, in recognition of the Hotels’ environmental performance in various key performance areas.

Last year, Regal Hotels kicked off an environmental sustainability program themed ‘We Love Our Planet’. The program was led by headquarter in Hong Kong and Green Working Committees were established in all five Regal Hotels, taking a holistic management approach across the properties. To measure effectiveness of their sustainability practices, Regal Hotels partnered with EarthCheck to assess performances in various operational indicators including energy consumption, waste management, recycling and community engagement.

In July this year, the five Regal Hotels in Hong Kong, Regal Airport Hotel, Regal Hongkong Hotel, Regal Kowloon Hotel, Regal Oriental Hotel, and Regal Riverside Hotel, have proudly achieved Bronze Benchmarking status by EarthCheck.

Over the past year the five Regal Hotels reduced consumption of electricity of over nine million kWh and fuel oil of over 18,000 liters. Regal Hotels have also adopted recycling practices for used papers, plastic and aluminum.

Apart from achieving EarthCheck Benchmarking status, Regal Hotels put into force a number of initiatives to engage guests, associates and the community. To name a few, guestroom energy conservation programme, use of recycled materials in hotel items, setup of organic farms in hotels, development of a sustainability webpage, donation of surplus food and promotion of vegetarian menus.

Ms. Belinda Yeung, Executive Director and Chief Operating Officer of Regal Hotels International said, “Last year, Regal Hotels pledged to go green in our businesses and our personal life. We had chosen to go for EarthCheck certification because it is a renowned and the largest dedicated tourism research organization in the world. The certification reflects that we have achieved our target and done a great job in delivering our environmental responsibility to the society which we operate in. Our next and immediate targets in our environmental responsibility are to achieve EarthCheck Silver Certification.”

To further raise awareness of the initiative, Regal Hotels stages a ‘We Love Our Planet’ exhibition at the lobbies of their five hotels until end July to showcase the hotels green practices.

Mr. Stewart Moore, EarthCheck CEO, said, ‘‘Regal Hotels should be proud of their collective achievements. The group has recognised the importance of transparent and credible reporting of environmental and social performance and the need to take action. Our aim is to provide Regal Hotels with quantifiable metrics to deliver bottom line efficiencies, maximise guest experiences and minimise their environmental footprint. We are delighted by their efforts and we look forward to working with the group in the future.”


Source = Regal Hotels International

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