Bangkok, New York popular with online searches



Amadeus analyse search data for 2012 bookings.


Bangkok and New York were the most-searched cities in 2012, according to new research.

Search analysis conducted via Amadeus’ Travel Intelligence solution has revealed that Bangkok was extremely popular with the Russian and German markets last year, while New York was favoured by the British.

During 2012, Germans conducted 263,702 daily searches for Bangkok and 199,910 for New York; Russians made 85,492 daily searches for Bangkok; while Great Britain maintained 157,450 daily searches for New York and 129,129 for Bangkok.

In the United States and Australia, London was a favourite search destination.

When it comes to booking windows, almost 10 percent of searches in the United Kingdom were made a week or less before departure and in Russia the figure was slightly higher, at 12.5 percent.

10 percent of Germany’s online searches were made at least one or two weeks prior to departure, with 7 percent of Australians following suit.

In the United States more than 8 percent of all online searches were made between one and four weeks before the departure date.

The majority of the markets analysed searched for a one or two week trip, however, in the United States holiday bookers searched for a vacation that lasted seven days or less.

Source = ETB News: P.T.
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