Man Vs Plane: Bryan Habana Takes On British Airways’ New A380 Superjumbo

South African Rugby player, Bryan Habana, pushed himself to new heights as he went up against British Airways’ brand new superjumbo, the Airbus A380.

Habana, who famously raced the cheetah in 2007 to save them from extinction, took on a new challenge racing British Airways’ ‘new animal’ in a 100m race.

Weighing in at 95kg with a height of 1,80m, Habana is pictured preparing to race British Airways’ superjumbo of 366,000kg, with a height of 24m, a wingspan of 80m and 73m in length. Model, Georgia May Jagger was on hand to start the race.

Bryan Habana, South African rugby player, said: "‘It was a tough test of man versus machine. Once the A380 is on full throttle it picks up speed very rapidly, but you need to tune in to the video to see what happened next…"

Peter Nye, Senior First Officer A380, said: '‘ Habana is fast but had stiff competition with four Trent 900 Rolls-Royce engines, each one producing 70,000 pounds of thrust and accelerating very quickly indeed. We got airborne at 140 miles an hour, where we then flew up to 600 miles an hour.‘'

Watch the race and see if man really can run faster than a plane:

Bryan Habana raced British Airways’ A380 in celebration that customers can now book onto the A380 to fly to Johannesburg from February 12, 2014. The airline will initially operate three A380 services a week to South Africa’s financial capital. This will increase from March 10, 2014 to six flights per week. These flights will be part of the airline’s normal schedule to Johannesburg.


Source = British Airways
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