Aussie couple avoid drug trafficking




Melbourne duo in Thailand discover illegal substances in their luggage.


An Australian couple departing Thailand discovered a stash of marijuana planted in their luggage prior to boarding their return flight home.

When checking in for their flight from Phuket to Bangkok, the couple from Melbourne noticed their bags were overweight and missing a lock, the Sydney Morning Herald reported.

After arriving in Bangkok, the couple checked in to a hotel, searched their bags and found marijuana in a small pocket inside one of their suitcases.

One of their bags had been cut open, most likely as a point of entry, to plant the substance.

Staff at the Australian embassy in Thailand advised the couple to throw away their bags and change their travel itineraries to avoid further issues.

“We spent two days in Bangkok washing all our clothes and changing our suitcases just to make sure we didn’t have any more marijuana on us,” Georgia, one of the two Australians, said.

“We're just very lucky we didn’t board that flight because who knows what could have happened to us if we did?”

Source = ETB News: P.T.
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