The steaks are high: Avista’s elevated al fresco barbecue


Luxury hilltop retreat Avista Hideaway is honouring Phuket’s past and expanding its repertoire of captivating dining experiences with the launch of Sizzle, an al fresco barbecue restaurant with aesthetics inspired by the reign of King Chulalongkorn Rama V. 

Offering uninterrupted sea views from an elevated rooftop location, Sizzle transports diners back in time to a period of regal sophistication and elemental simplicity, with an historic design, private Thai sala dining, waiting staff elaborately dressed in the style of the period and the highest quality cuts of meat prepared on woodchip barbecues for the ultimate outdoor dining experience. 

Avista Resorts CEO Ramesh Khendry said he was delighted with the realisation of the Sizzle concept which is inspired by the halcyon days of Phuket during the of reign of King Rama V, when the province’s booming economy offered excess sophistication, luxury and style on a relatively virgin island.

"Our aim with Sizzle is to give our guests the sensation that they are stepping back in time coupled with an ultimate al fresco indulgence, with chefs and waiters dressed in royally-inspired uniforms on hand to manually waft palm fans and attend to your every need, elevating the egalitarian comforts of the barbecue to an elegant, upscale experience,” said Mr Khendry.

"We also wanted to capture that raw freshness that the early pioneers of Siam must have felt when establishing Phuket. The extended views across the Andaman Sea under a clear and twinkling night sky surrounded by lush tropical rainforest give a real sense of connecting with the unspoilt characteristics of the island,” he said.

"From the almost ethereal setting, to the straightforwardness of barbecued meats and freshly caught seafood, Sizzle can be summed up in two words – elegant simplicity.”

With Sizzle centred around open-air kitchens with a spacious layout, guests can choose to dine privately in traditional Thai salas or simply relax in the lounge, watching the sunset before being mesmerised by the overhead constellations.

Expressive and stylish, Avista Hideaway offers Phuket’s visitors accessible ultra-luxury and privacy, with a host of lavish options including the resort’s Jacuzzi Suites and Pool Suites which offer the ultimate in in-room amenities, exclusive arrival options such as private airport transfers in a choice of Ferrari, Lamborghini, Stretch Limousine, Mercedes Benz E Class or BMW 5 Series, and other unforgettable experiences like a glorious island-hopping trip to Koh Phi Phi by helicopter.


Source = Avista Hotels and Resorts
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