New Skyscanner survey finds that three-quarters choose holiday destinations based on visa requirements


New research by Skyscanner, a leading global travel search site, shows that 81 percent of people in Asia are in favour of an EU-style single visa system across ASEAN countries.

Seven thousand respondents took part in the study from Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, Korea, Thailand, India and China. In addition to support for a common visa system across Southeast Asia, a visa reciprocity system between countries also gained the support of a huge 87 percent of total participants.

The findings of the study also illustrated the extent to which visa requirements influence the holiday choices of Asian travellers, with three-quarters admitting that their choice of destination was ‘often dictated by visa requirements’ and an overwhelming 90 percent of Chinese respondents stating this option.

The survey results also suggest that many travellers find visa application processes complex with one in ten saying they had made errors with applications and a further 9 percent saying they had a visa application rejected.

The UK government announced this month that visa requirements for Chinese visitors are to be simplified from summer 2014.* Meanwhile in Southeast Asia, Indonesia, Myanmar, Cambodia, and the Philippines are said to be in talks over a smart visa system.**


Source = Skyscanner
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