Local data ownership protected, Express Ticketing tells agents


Local agents’ databases securely remain the intellectual property of the agents in Express Ticketing’s new Express Desktop service, several agents were told in Sydney yesterday.

Express Ticketing launched its IT Cloud solution on Wednesday and was making presentations to agents in Sydney yesterday.

Express Ticketing CEO, Tom Manwaring said there was apparent industry concern about agents losing control of their databases to group networks.

“We need to stress that Express Marketing Tools allows agents to talk effectively to all their customers in the media of their choice, quickly and effectively enabling them to get to market faster,” he said.

“Our ITG and Select members have full control over their databases at all times and it exclusively remains their property,” he said. “They have worked hard in a tough industry to develop and maintain their databases, it’s the core to their business and it’s theirs to control.”

Express Desktop and Express Marketing Tools are designed to make it easier for agents to maximise business opportunities from their databases, he said.

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Express Desktop is a fully integrated cloud system which means agents no longer need a whole team to install, configure, test, run and secure their IT hardware and software requirements. The operation of business applications, office applications, email, data backups and security is managed from a local data centre to ensure all IT support requirements are met.


Source = Express Ticketing

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