Malaysia Airlines fulfils Shahrul’s wish

180248Malaysia Airlines through its affiliation with Make-A-Wish Malaysia flew a bright lively boy of 11 years old, Mohammad Shahrul Fahmy, who has a complex congenital heart disease since he was born to Langkawi for a dream holiday with his family. Despite his illness Shahrul has not stopped from living a normal life, albeit at a slower pace than other children.

Shahrul stays in a FELDA scheme in Trolak, Perak with a family of four siblings, and is used to living on a farm with wide open spaces. However he has always dreamt of being able to fly to a faraway place where he can have a holiday with his family.

So when Shahrul was visited by the Wish Granters from Make-A-Wish Malaysia, he was quick to express his heartfelt wish – to board a Malaysia Airlines plane to Langkawi and stay at a seaside resort.  Shahrul has never been away on a holiday with his family as his father is always busy working on the farm. Most of his trips away from home have been to the hospital in Kuala Lumpur for medical treatments.

Shahrul was ecstatic when he heard Malaysia Airlines offered to fly him and his family to Langkawi. He has never been on a plane! Shahrul was given the best possible service by the Malaysia Airlines staff. He was given priority check-in and even went on a buggy ride to the boarding gate – all in top celebrity style.

Malaysia Airlines is grateful to Make-A-Wish Malaysia for the opportunity to come together to make Shahrul’s dream come true. No doubt this trip will inspire Shahrul to fight on more valiantly the challenges he will have to continue to battle with.

Malaysia Airlines is happy to support the incredible cause of Make-A-Wish Malaysia in granting the wishes of children with life-threatening medical conditions to enrich the human experience with hope, strength and joy.


Source = Malaysia Airlines
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