Thailand exceeds arrivals expectations


Thailand has exceeded tourist arrivals targets for 2013, despite a range of challenging issues, including the ongoing political demonstrations in the nation’s capital, Bangkok.

Thailand welcomed 26,735,583 international visitors last year, representing a 19.6 percent increase over the 22,353,903 tourists in 2012, surpassing its original target of 26.1 million visitors.

TAT has attributed the growth to the intense efforts of the entire Thai travel and tourism industry.

Six Asia-Pacific countries contributed more than one million visitor arrivals to Thailand in 2013, with China topping the list of Asian travellers at 4.7 million arrivals (+68.83 percent year-over-year).

Russia (+31.93 percent), Malaysia (+17.29 percent), Japan (+11.96 percent), South Korea (+11.48 percent) and India (+3.61 percent) made up the remaining five APAC arrivals nations.

East Asia remains the largest contributor to arrivals at 16.09 million in 2013 (+28.47 percent year-on-year), followed by Europe (+11.62 percent), the Americas (+8.05 percent) South Asia (+4.63 percent).

TAT anticipates 28.01 million international tourist arrivals in 2014.

Source = ETB News: P.T.
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