Cambodian city guides added to Urban Adventures’ range of free travel apps

191645Intrepid Travel's day tour company, Urban Adventures has extended its range of free travel apps with the release of new city guides for Siem Reap and Phnom Penh, which provide travellers with in-the-know recommendations from local experts.

There are now Urban Adventures Treasure mApps for 14 cities, including Melbourne, Toronto, Berlin, Amsterdam, Prague, Los Angeles, Florence, Paris, Hanoi, New York City, Rio de Janeiro and Lisbon.

The next addition to the range will be Sydney, with dozens more cities set to follow.

Each app features around 40 hand-picked recommendations from Urban Adventures' team of local tour guides, such as the best spots for happy hour, perfect places for people watching, where to find unique souvenirs, and other hidden gems around the city.

"The places listed in Urban Adventures Treasure mApps aren't crowd-sourced or cloud-sourced, they are all genuine recommendations from locals who have the inside scoop on their city, and you can't get better recommendations that that," said Urban Adventures’ General Manager, Tony Carne.

Urban Adventures Treasure mApps work offline and use geo-fencing technology to let travellers know when they are within 100 metres of a recommended spot.

They are updated regularly by Urban Adventures' local guides, to ensure the information remains current.

Since launching in 2013, there have been more than 15,000 downloads of Urban Adventures Treasure mApps from the iTunes store. They are currently only available on iOS, but travellers can also access Urban Adventures' recommendations for each city from the Everplaces platform.


Source = Intrepid Travel
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