Guilin village tunes music to tourist ears


Villagers in the Chinese town of Guilin have formed a singing troupe in order to boost tourist spending and as a result, their own incomes.

Some of the group’s members have seen their incomes grow by tenfold, due to the popularity of the concerts that the group holds, ChannelNews Asia reported.

The group’s performance “Impressions LiuSanjie” has been running for ten year, with the performance based on a famous Chinese folk story called Liu Sanjie.

Tickets for the show, which features songs from Guangxi's ethnic minorities, are sold twice weekly and are always sold out.

“10.5 million visitors came to the region in 2012, which has helped create large audiences for the show," Impressions LiuSanjie singer Xu Jinfa said.

Tourism operators are adding 1,000 more seats to the stage for Impressions LiuSanjie. 

Source = ETB News: T.N.
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