MH370: relatives do reconnaissance in Malaysia


More than 24 Chinese relatives of passengers on Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 have visited Malaysia to demand more information from the Malaysian government.

The relatives are in Malaysia to meet top Malaysian bureaucrats to discuss MH370’s whereabouts, the Guardian reported.

After the relations entered their hotel, one of them, a man named Jiang Hui, was willing to speak to the media.

"Now that we've come here, we will disseminate comments in a unified way,” Mr Hui said.

“We don't reject the media, but please give us a bit of time.”

Another relative, Wang Chunjiang, whose brother Wang Chunyong, was on the plane, said that the group wanted some closure for what is still a difficult time.

“We want to know what could have happened to them in the six hours the plane kept flying, and if they had to endure any mental and physical pain,” Mr Wang said.

The fatigue of the relatives has been caused by carelessness in the search, with mis-sightings of wreckage, the Malaysian Prime Minister announcing the plane must have crashed without confirmation and several conspiracy theories as to the whereabouts of the plane.

The search is now continuing the Indian Ocean and is being coordinated from a multi-coordination centre in Perth.

The centre is offering counselling services and interpreter services for Australian families, perhaps in expectation that wreckage will soon be found. 

Source = ETB News: Tom Neale
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