Zeavola Rides ‘Love Wave’ with intimate new inner journeys


Five-star dive resort Zeavola has rejuvenated its spa menu and refreshed the spa experience with the launch of a unique range of treatments that blend the ancient wisdom of ayurveda, the essence of tropical flowers and the universal healing power of the human touch.

Just like the famed sustainable resort, which is set on a pristine and unspoilt national marine park beach in the sparkling heart of the Andaman Sea, Zeavola Spa places a strong emphasis on nature and highly personalised service, taking guests on a journey of pure relaxation that will enliven the senses in an inspiring rustic setting where rare birds nest in tree canopies.

“Guests now have a great understanding of wellness and as such want a complete wellness experience, which Zeavola Spa delivers,” Zeavola General Manager Florian Hallermann said. “We are a zeitgeist wellness destination, which means we are right on trend towards a more holistic approach, with treatments crafted to take guests on a delightful journey through touch and scent and ancient ayurvedic techniques and wisdom distilled over 4,000 years.

“Each journey is intended to invigorate tired muscles, increase circulation and stimulate the body’s natural processes towards health, contentment and well-being.”

The new Spa packages include:

  • Inner Balance (1.5 hrs)-a fragrant Aromatherapy massage and ayurvedic ‘Champissage’ head massage, a time-honoured technique of scalp, face, neck and shoulder massage which is perfect for the very modern stresses and strains of sitting slumped over keyboards all day
  • Intimate hours (2 hrs)-let us whisk you away on a floating magic carpet ride through rural Thailand, with a coffee infused spice scrub and a full body booster massage
  • Love Wave (3 hrs)-designed with romance in mind, ride the Love Wave and let wave after wave of sensual oils extracted from exotic tropical flowers wash over you. Plus a reinvigorating coffee and spice scrub, feet at ease massage, a massage of choice (60 mins) and facial care based on skin type

The Spa has six treatment rooms and changing rooms with showers. It uses a range of traditional, ethnic and imported products and principles while providing steam, sauna and rain shower facilities.

All treatments are suited for couples to share and Zeavola’s expert team will assist in recommending combinations best suited for togetherness. Luxuriate with one of the resort’s treatments, special packages or more lengthy retreats. To complete the process, healthy and delicious spa cuisine is available.

With shoes left at reception, guests stay in extraordinary tree top villas set on a lush, green hillside and featuring extensive hand-hewed teakwood, a spacious yet intimate feel, a private garden and outdoor rain showers. The resort boasts all the amenities expected of a five-star resort and is built around a sustainability ethos.

Source = Zeavola
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