New CWT Report – Data Will Drive 2015


Carlson Wagonlit Travel (CWT) today released its seventh Travel Management Priorities report, the second in a two-part analysis of CWT’s annual travel manager survey.

The global report shows travel managers will put more emphasis on data and mobile technology to direct their travel programs in 2015, with a continued focus on cost-saving and traveler engagement. The research highlights the top priority (at 63 percent) is leveraging travel data to build predictive analyses and benchmarks. This underlines that with better data visibility, travel managers are able to steer their travel programs towards their particular business objectives.

Subsequent top priorities include deploying a fare tracking and rebooking solution, which 62 percent of respondents agree is a high priority, while promoting mobile apps to increase travel efficiency on the go remains a key topic, in third place at 60 percent. CWT’s report underlines the continued importance of mobile technology, which will play a pivotal role for both travel managers and for travelers on the go.

Respondents in North America ranked their top three priorities as:

·         Leveraging travel data to build predictive analyses and benchmarks (67 percent)

·         Deploying fare tracking and rebooking solution (59 percent)

·         Promoting mobile app to increase traveler efficiency on the go (58 percent)

Commenting on the report, David Moran, CWT’s executive vice president with responsibility for global marketing & enterprise strategy, said: “Travel managers are looking to translate data into insights and promote mobile technology to improve traveler experience. Ultimately it’s about refining travel programs, and we’re working with clients to develop the best tools and benchmarking they need to make the most of their travel programs in 2015 and beyond.”

In December, CWT released the first part of the research, showing travel managers expect data security, the global economy and mobile technology to be the three trends most impacting their travel programs in 2015, indicating a clear influence on their priorities for the year ahead.

This is CWT’s most comprehensive trends report to-date. More than 1,100 travel managers were asked about their plans for 2015, and this year, as well as ranking 12 program priorities, they were asked to predict the impact of 11 market trends, established and emerging. Since December, travel managers have been able to benchmark what they expect to be 2015’s trends against the expectations of their peers, through an interactive website.

*CWT asked travel/meeting managers to rate the impact of 11 trends on their programs (very high/high/medium/low/ no opinion), as well as 12 priorities (very high/high/medium/low/ already implemented). Rankings were produced, based on the percentage of respondents who answered very high or high.

**CWT, based on an online survey of 1,113 travel managers and meetings and events professionals from 515 organizations in 56 countries worldwide in October–November 2014. Respondents represent a range of industries, including energy, resources, marine, and the U.S. military and government.

Source = Carlson Wagonlit Travel
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