Media Statement by Malaysia Airlines


Malaysia Airlines wishes to clarify reports from various quarters on the Declaration of Accident to flight MH370 and the manner in which it was communicated which we understand has caused considerable discontentment among family members of passengers and crew onboard. 

The airline had, contacted all next-of-kin in Malaysia and around the world to notify them of the impending announcement on 29 January 2015. Prior to the scheduled announcement by the Department of Civil Aviation Malaysia, all next-of-kin were notified via telephone calls and in certain instances by text messages, when the calls were unanswered. These were done personally by its Family Support Centre, caregivers or representatives from the airline’s regional offices.

Next-of-kin in China were notified via text messages by Malaysia Airlines’ Family Communications and Support Centre in Beijing.

Together with the Government of Malaysia and its related agencies, the airline will continue to organise engagement sessions with family members to discuss various matters related to the declaration. 

Malaysia Airlines remains committed to provide for the wellbeing of family members of those onboard MH370. Our thoughts and prayers are with them at all times. 

Source = Malaysia Airlines
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