TripTogether Makes Travel Safety and Scam Prevention a Number One Priority


Avoiding scams when communicating online and staying safe when taking trips abroad are among the most important concerns for travelers worldwide. To raise awareness of these dangers, international social travel network TripTogether has launched a campaign calling for all members and potential travel partners to keep their personal details secure and take safety precautions while on vacation.

Travel can be a wonderful way to learn all about the world, meet new people and enjoy the experience of a lifetime. However, all too often travelers get into trouble either before they travel or, more frequently, when they arrive in their destination. TripTogether has compiled a list of effective scam prevention measures and travel safety tips to remind all travelers to follow important advice when planning their next adventure.

Advice for secure communication:

·        Never offer money to someone you meet online.

·        Don’t easily give personal details away (such as home address, phone number etc).

·        Take time getting to know a new travel partner before you meet.

·        Agree the ground rules of what you’re comfortable with before you go.

·        Report any suspicions to TripTogether’s Customer Support team.

Advice for traveling safely:

·        Leave details of your travel plans with a friend or family member (including passport details and phone number of your travel mate).

·        Check the latest foreign travel safety advice from your government.

·        Be aware of the laws and customs of the country you’re visiting.

·        Always meet a travel companion for the first time in a public place (coffee or lunch without alcohol is recommended).

·        Never carry too much money around with you.

·        Keep checking in with a friend or family member back at home.

·        Prepare a strategy to break off the travel sharing arrangements.

“What we care about most is that our members enjoy a safe and secure experience when using our website,” says Anthony Volpe, the chief spokesperson for TripTogether, “We do everything we can to prevent scam on our website and always investigate complaints against any member. However, we also think it’s important to share advice on what members can do to communicate and travel in safety. The travel community will be a safer and more enjoyable place if we all remain vigilant.”


Source = TripTogether
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