Australia number 2 for Hong Kong travellers

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Australia number 2 for Hong Kong travellers

According to GfK Consumer Travel Tracker, 17 per cent of Hong Kong travelers claimed to have booked a holiday to Australia in the past 3 months, compared to 18.7 per cent booking for Japan and 5.6 per cent booking for New Zealand, bringing NZ in at number 6.

Two thirds of Hong Kong travelers plan a 4-7 night trip, driven by trips to Asia over public holiday weekends. When travelling to Australia, over half (57 per cent) have a 2-3month forward booking window, compared to a 1-2 month booking window when travelling elsewhere in Asia.

Nearly half (48 per cent) of Hong Kong travellers purchased a bundled flight and accommodation package, with 1/3 of those buying packages choosing Australia/NZ as a destination and 58 per cent of those buying packages choosing Asian destinations.

Online touchpoints were used by 84 per cent, and 74 per cent used both online and offline touchpoints to research their holiday.  However two thirds actually booked their holiday online.

Online travel agents, at 48 per cent, were the most used source for researching a trip, followed by magazines at 43 per cent, and regular travel agents and airline websites both at 36 percent. Word of Mouth is still a valued and reliable source for a third (35 per cent), who sought recommendation from ‘friends/family/colleagues’.

The most common international travel experience types booked by Hong Kong travellers during the survey period were gourmet and culinary (38 per cent); rest and relaxation (23 per cent), and luxury travel and shopping (19 per cent).

Source = GFK
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