Experience intimate small group travel to Asia

asiatranspacificExperience intimate small group travel to Asia

Asia Transpacific Journeys, premier tour operator and purveyors of luxury travel to Asia and Pacific, provides travelers with itineraries rife with opportunities to experience, see, and taste the many wonders of Asia. This fall, Asia Transpacific Journeys is releasing a new collection of exciting small group voyages to enticing locations across Asia.

For those travelers interested in experiencing Asia in the company of other travel aficionados, Asia Transpacific Journeys offers its signature Small Group Trip experience— a winsome blend of luxury travel and authentic, cultural immersion. Each Small Group Trip is crafted in-house by Asia Transpacific Journey’s expert Travel Specialists to ensure they are distinctive, intimate, effortless and customizable.

While you ready yourself for that once-in-a-lifetime voyage, Asia Transpacific Journeys takes care of all the “pesky details.” Travelers need only select their preferred departure and Asia Transpacific Journeys takes care of the rest, ensuring your travel experience is as seamless as it is enjoyable. All groups depart with fewer than 18 companions allowing plenty of meaningful interaction with locals, your Tour Leader and your fellow travelers—a wonderful way to deepen your travel experience.

Constantly revising and improving their Small Group Trip excursions, Asia Transpacific Journeys has recently added several brand new group itineraries to their portfolio. Voyage to South India and Sri Lanka, where you’ll capture the essence of this unique and colorful region in all its lush, natural beauty. Discover ancient temples, ruined cities, fragrant spice and tea plantations, Kerala’s heavenly backwaters and Kandy’s misty montane charms. Round out the experience by attending an authentic South Indian festival—a magical assault on the senses. Or travel to Papua New Guinea, an island famous for its diverse tribal culture—850 mutually unintelligible tongues are spoken. You’ll immerse yourself in this indigenous culture by experiencing a mask festival, a colorful spectacle of cultural performances, folk art, ritual and storytelling. Or, finally, join Asia Transpacific Journeys in a return to their roots on a new Small Group itinerary to Thailand and Laos, a stunning fusion of sights, tastes, and sounds that extends from the modern metropolis of Bangkok into the depths of the countryside. The innate spirituality that shapes everyday life in this region is infectious—Asia Transpacific Journeys’ travelers are invited to immerse themselves in it firsthand by participating in a an ancient festival that fuses Buddhist and animist traditions.

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