In search of the world’s cheapest hotel food and drink large

In search of the world’s cheapest hotel food and drink

If you’re planning a trip to Seoul, best you ditch your caffeine addiction before you leave, because that vice will cost you big.

The latest Club Sandwich Index has revealed that a cup of coffee in a hotel in the Korean capital will set you back an average of $12.41, rising to a staggering $16.54 in a five-star hotel.

In fact, coffee will not come cheap in most Asian city hotels for Australian travellers, with Tokyo, Beijing and Hong Kong all coming out as the world’s most expensive cities for a cuppa in a hotel. Your best bet for a cheap hit will be on the other side of the earth, in Bogota, Colombia – a steal at only $2 a cup.

Expensive coffee will be the least of your worries when compared to the cost of a day’s food and drink in a city hotel if you found yourself in Geneva, Switzerland. According to the index, a club sandwich, a burger and fries, a glass of house red wine and a cup of coffee together will cost you an eye-watering $110.70. The same package will cost you a mere third of that in the Colombian capital ($38.40), while Mexico City, Rio de Janeiro and Madrid all came in under $50.

And if you were thinking of sneaking in a cheeky drop of Burgundy in the French capital, think again: at a jaw-dropping $29.39, a glass of house red wine in a 5-star hotel in Paris will cost you more than a club sandwich in 19 other cities, including New York City, Dublin, Sydney and Berlin.

Sydney emerged as the 14th most expensive city for all four items combined at an average of $65.11.

Katherine Cole, Regional Director, Australia, New Zealand and Singapore for the brand, said, “While the cost of food and drink in some of the world’s leading city hotels is not to be sniffed at, as the hotels expert, is well placed to offer travellers the widest choice of accommodation through an easy-to-use website and with the help of leading edge mobile technology.”

The annual Club Sandwich Index researches the dining costs of hotels worldwide. The average prices are calculated from real prices (including taxes and fees) paid by guests for all four items (club sandwich, burger meal, glass of house red wine and a cup of coffee) in 30 hotels, in the capital or an important tourist city of the 28 countries surveyed, across 5-, 4- and 3-star hotel categories.


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