Travel Counsellors celebrates annual anniversary day for agents


Travel Counsellors celebrates annual anniversary day for agents

Travel Counsellors welcomed 30 of its agents to its Melbourne head office this week to celebrate their annual anniversary day as Travel Counsellors and the continuing growth of their businesses during their time with the company.

Anniversaries ranged from one to eight years, and the large group of Travel Counsellors were greeted with a champagne reception and finished the day via webcam to the company’s international UK headquarters where they were thanked by Karen Morris Operations Director and Mark Hulme Head of Sales for their dedication and hard work. This is just one way that makes us stand out compared to other travel companies.

The entire day was also broadcast live across the country to all the Travel Counsellors who could not attend from the company’s in-house TV studio, with four business sessions and two more interviews with agents own personal insights and success stories of running their own successful travel businesses and the support and tools they receive from the company that enable this.

Victorian based Travel Counsellor Lara Burgermeister comments; “This was my first anniversary day with the company, and it was great to celebrate it along with so many fellow Travel Counsellors, it really felt like a great family gathering.  The day was informative and fun, and the guest speakers gave me insights that will help me achieve even more with my business. It’s so lovely to be recognised for my hard work in such a way and really reinforces to me why I joined the company.”

The guest speakers included Matthew Taylor of TF Accounts who spoke about and answered many questions on taxation as well as Rae Bonny from the Who Group who provided some deep insights into keeping a healthy body and mind when working from home. Other presentations included strategic presentations from the Business Development team.

Travel Counsellors Australia’s General Manager Tracy Parkinson comments; “This is our fifth anniversary day and it has proven a huge success, it’s nice to really be able to celebrate and reward our agents. It was great that our Travel Counsellors got to revisit head office to spend time with our support team, celebrate each other’s successes and also for us all to celebrate being 13.5% up on sales for our financial year, which is a stunning result.

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