Shopping in Thailand for Teens

shopping in Thailand for teens

Shopping in Thailand for Teens

Choosing a holiday that entertains teenagers can be a challenge. Teenagers are not so content with splashing in a pool all day, driving around looking at scenery or the kids club. They have different needs and wants to younger children and adults when it comes to holidays, so choosing a holiday that will keep the whole family happy is important.

One thing we know about teenagers is that they love shopping! There are so many things that teenagers “must have”, to keep up with all of the latest trends, and Thailand has all the shopping the pickiest teen could dream of. Thailand ticks many other boxes for families too, with its beautiful beaches and resorts, stunning scenery, cultural experiences and adventure sports. Personal Travel Manager, Venessa Keating recently took her four children on a family holiday to Thailand where her teenagers shopped till they dropped.

Local Shops
Local shops are just a short stroll from most hotels and resorts and will immediately appeal to any teenager.

Teens can pick from t-shirts, sunglasses, handbags, dresses, sportswear, sports shoes, jewellery, hats, caps, local handicrafts and much more. Vendors make sure that they offer the most up-to-date and popular products to draw in these young shoppers.

If local shops are not enough, there are endless shopping opportunities in multiple large shopping complexes and factory outlets, like Bangkok’s CentralWorld.
Markets, look out for the larger night or weekend markets where you and your teens will experience a fascinating mix of shopping, food and culture. They’ll find everything they have their heart set on, and generally at great prices, from clothes and electronic goods, to souvenirs and fashion accessories.

Customised shopping experiences
You can also take advantage of the many tailors that are available in Thailand. Venessa’s son got a stylish suit made to fit for his formal for a quarter of the price that he would pay in Australia.

If your teen has a picture of their dream outfit or gown, a tailor can easily make these in a short amount of time to fit them perfectly. Before you head to Thailand, be sure you ask your personal travel manager to recommend a reputable tailor.

Shopping tours
Another great option is booking an organised shopping tour. On these tours you are accompanied by a local guide who will take you to both the most popular shopping spots throughout Thailand and to some of the lesser known areas. They will assist you with getting the best bargains and often help negotiate extra discounts with some businesses.

Be shopping-ready
When planning a shopping holiday, make sure your teenagers take empty suitcases and comfortable shoes. Practice bargaining skills with your children before you go – this will make sure that they are confident negotiating prices in the markets and enjoy the process. Familiarise them with the exchange rate, practicing how to convert money and budget so they don’t blow all their money at the first store.



Source = TravelManagers Australia - Vanessa Keating

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