Toga Far East Hotels unveils partnership with Guvera


Toga Far East Hotels unveils partnership with Guvera

TFE Hotels is hoping to cut through the crowd with a blast of decibels, signing with Guvera to be the first Australian hotelier to partner with a music streaming service. Born from a need to stay relevant in a changing hotel environment, Guvera is the ideal match for TFE Hotels, particularly for their Vibe Hotels brand, as a company looking to capture the attention of millennials.

The partnership will initially roll out in Vibe Hotel Canberra Airport, opening November 2nd 2015, and will be brought to life both online and within the physical hotel environment, connecting guests with TFE Hotels in a unique and exciting way that is in line with the Vibe Hotels philosophy. The two will work together to create a seamless experience for travellers during their stay, continuing when they have checked out.

Guvera’s philosophy, to bring people the music they love, resonates with this millennial audience and presents a space where the target generation is already active and engaged. Guvera’s streaming service is built on this approach, with an ad-funded model allowing it to offer free music at no charge to the user, and with 55% of Vibe Hotel customers being Gen X, and 25% Gen Y, this model is a big draw card with younger guests.

The elements Vibe guests’ value during their stays – real local experiences, connection with friends and family through free WiFi, community and shared inspirational hubs – are integrated within the hotel, and the partnership with Guvera is a continuation of this.

Aligning with key Vibe next-generation lifestyle hotel characteristics, the partnership with Guvera is providing guests with a localised experience that is unique to the surrounds of the hotel, through local experiences, food, design, service and now music. As well as access to curated playlists, the Vibe Hotels branded app will house additional local insights through Vibe Connection, as well as destination guides through Vibe Discovery and Explore TFE Hotels, which incorporates travel and lifestyle to enhance guests’ experience of the locations, alongside eClub benefits and offers for listeners.

Emma Fraser, Group Director of Marketing, TFE Hotels says, “We are thrilled to be partnering with Guvera, it’s a fantastic service in the music streaming space and we know it resonates well with a millennial audience primarily but more importantly we all have an emotional connection with music. Music connects people and as a brand this is what we are hoping to achieve, to connect TFE Hotels and their six hotel brands with consumers through Guvera’s audience and continue to strengthen our relationship with our guests.

“The Guvera partnership aims to engage travellers with the Vibe Hotels brand by adding music, as well as travel and lifestyle, to the overall guest experience. Through playlists that can be accessed at any time via the TFE Hotels branded channel within the Guvera app, guests can incorporate the Vibe lifestyle into their everyday.

“Providing guests with a localised experience that is unique to the surrounds of the hotel via music, Vibe is aligned with guest values and is enhancing the guests’ experience of the locale, with the predominant focus on inspiration, escape and self-development.” Fraser adds

Continuing the Vibe Fit philosophy, Guvera’s Vibe Hotels platform will also offer content around lifestyle tips, yoga, wellbeing and fit food, while guests can maintain fitness routines with health and wellness programs to suit all lifestyles, providing a seamless connected experience during each Vibe Hotel stay.

Darren Herft, Guvera CEO, said: “Music has an unparalleled appeal for businesses looking to maintain a strong relationship with their customers.

Source = TFE Hotels
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