HiShanghai app


HiShanghai app

What is HiShanghai?

It’s the best way to explore Shanghai.

HiShanghai is an app that gives users access to all of Shanghai’s best places and events – as well as some helpful tips and tools for navigating the biggest city in the world – Shanghai.

Available as a native App on Apple iOS and Google Android devices, HiShanghai is also available as a web app for Blackberry, Windows Phone, and Ubuntu mobile devices as well!

HiShanghai is the perfect tool for exploring the city. With HiShanghai, discovering local restaurants, bars, markets, and attractions has never been easier.

  • Search for places by name,
  • Browse places by category,
  • Tri-lingual Taxi cards (English, pinyin, characters),
  • Share places with friends (sms, email, wechat and more),
  • One-button push to call or email,
  • and see a map of where you’re headed to.
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