Halloween, Hong Kong style

hong kong halloween

It’s that time of the year again when ghosts and ghouls roam the streets and children trick-or-treat, but in Hong Kong it’s a different story.

Halloween in Hong Kong has something for everyone. It sees visitors and locals to let down their hair, don a costume and be scared out of their wits at crumbling walled villages, creaky Victorian mansions and themed restaurants or events.

The city’s unique history as a place where East meets West means that European festivals, including Halloween, are deeply entrenched in its cultural fabric.

Each year in the weekend of Halloween, people in Hong Kong queue up to haunted houses for a short but shocking experience to be scared by all sorts of “ghosts” – professional actors in western vampires or Chinese “ghosts” costumes who could make you goosebump or even scream your heads off.

For people who look for less extreme activities, dressing up in ghastly costumes or having a spooky theme meal would be a good way to enjoy the Festival.

Hong Kong is definitely the place to party on All Hallows’ Eve!

Source = Hong Kong Tourism Board
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