Cityview Buenos Aires: Style And Energy

Sheraton’s spacious lobby

Buenos Aires is an unexpected pleasure, almost more European than many cities in Europe. While some people argue "I’ll go to Europe to see a European city" they miss the point completely, the point being that this magnificent city was created thousands of kilometres away from home by the hundreds of thousands of immigrants who resettled in this vast country over the past two hundred years.

In the last 1800’s and early 1900’s, Argentina was one of the richest countries in the world and built its architectural patrimony during this time, a time when buildings were more than steel and glass functionalist structures. The result is that Buenos Aires is one of the world’s architectural treasure troves, with many styles well represented along the city’s grand boulevards; from Belle Epoque to Art Deco, the city has outstanding examples.

full moon over Sheraton

The people of Buenos Aires are as mixed as the architecture. It is said that Argentineans are mostly Italians who speak Spanish, think they are English, and wish they were French, a saying easy to believe when strolling down exclusive Avenida Alvear, where a saddlery peddling all things equestrian vies for attention among the designer fashion houses, embassies, and elite hotels.

Sheraton Buenos Aires, an urban resort

One of the hotels in the vicinity offers a convenient location to explore the city. Sheraton Buenos Aires, wonderfully located at the end of the famous pedestrian shopping street Calle Florida and in front of the imposing English Tower on the grand Plaza San Martin, toward the southern end of Alvear. The top of Calle Florida, the city’s famous pedestrian street where hordes of locals and visitors alike enjoy the street performances as much as the shopping, is just nearby. The Sheraton’s tower rooms offer expansive views over the Plaza,. the English Tower, and the delta of the Rio de la Plata beyond. Also just nearby are the ferry and hydrofoil services to Uruguay, including that country’s lovely colonial city, appropriately enough called Colonia.

English Tower
The hotel staff is fantastically friendly, and with such managers as the gracious Mr. Horacio Autelli, the apotheosis of an Argentine gentleman, supervising the many details of a luxury hotel, the superior experience of a stay at the Sheraton is not at all surprising. Sheraton Buenos Aires is more a hotel compound than a single hotel; on the grounds also is Park Tower, a member of Starwood’s Luxury Collection.
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