New gallery boosts Singapore as a global city of the arts

The National Gallery of Singapore

Attention all art lovers, Singapore is welcoming the newest addition to their thriving arts scene during their Golden Jubilee celebrations.

Curating an unparalleled collection of modern art from the Asian region, The National Gallery of Singapore joins a line-up of art galleries and museums, painting Singapore as a blossoming global city of the arts.

The National Gallery of Singapore, which opens on November 24th will offer more than 8,000 of the region’s most extraordinary art pieces from the 19th and 20th century.

Housed within the restored, historical gems of the former Supreme Court and City Hall, the National Gallery of Singapore offers visitors the world’s first and largest insight into South East Asia’s culture and history.

Singapore Art Museum_HR_12

Singapore Art Museum

From 24 November through to 6 December 2015, the Opening Celebrations include over 20 free events and activities, some even enjoyed outside the Gallery’s walls on the historic Padang in front of the Gallery, as well as a stunning sound and light show on the Gallery’s façade in the evening.

The National Gallery of Singapore offers a great starting point to follow the pulse of the arts scene and become immersed in Singapore’s thriving cultural brew.

A good place to start is using the free museum shuttle which operates daily from 10.30am to 4.30pm between Singapore Art Museum, National Museum of Singapore and Singapore Pinacothèque de Paris.

Sharon Lam, Area Director Oceania Singapore Tourism Board, said, “For many people, ‘art’ may not come to mind when you think of Singapore, however we’re pleased that that perception is changing.

“Along with the launch of the National Gallery of Singapore, we’ve been adding to our arts and culture scene over recent years to cement our reputation as a vibrant, must-visit city for all culture lovers, with our extensive array of options for both art connoisseurs or fledgling art lovers alike.”

Singapore Art Museum (SAM)

A must for contemporary art lovers, the Singapore Art Museum offers an invaluable collection of South East Asian contemporary art alongside a growing contribution from international artists and galleries.  Visitors can lose themselves in the ‘Think&Tinker Room’, an interactive space for all ages that allows everyone to embrace creativity and rethink how they play their favourite game or watch their favourite movie!

Singapore Pinacotheque de Paris

A recent newcomer to Singapore’s arts scene is the Pinacotheque De Paris, where the Singapore iteration is the first expansion beyond this renowned museum’s flagship gallery in Paris.

Besides marveling at the extent some collectors will go to for their passion, change the way you view art by witnessing connections across centuries, continents and styles of art at the ‘Cabinet of Curiosities’ exhibition.

Gillman Barracks

The Gillman Barracks is the cultural hub for 11 international art galleries, three restaurants and the NTU Centre for Contemporary Art (CCA) Singapore. The galleries, housed within conserved colonial barracks built prior to World War 2, offer dynamic contemporary exhibitions from an array of national and international artists, both established and emerging.


Wessex Estate in Singapore has become an artist enclave, with local and international artists setting up studios. Since 2006, artists unite once or twice a year for a weekend-long Art Walk, welcoming the public into their studios to meet the artists and view their works.

Source = Singapore Tourism Board
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