New Thai brand redefines souvenir shopping


What if it were possible to shop for gifts while getting a massage?

Toojah is a new online brand that helps tourists discover authentic Thai gifts. It delivers anywhere in Bangkok within 24h. Toojah has designed 4 unique gift boxes including more than 20 local brands.

It offers a smarter way to shop for Thai souvenirs, removing both the frustrations of finding authentic items and getting stuck in traffic to buy them. Toojah is about sharing the local’s passion for Thailand and the magic of the country.

Founded by Binbin Natalie Narkprasert and Julien Berthomier to simplify the gift shopping experience, this new band wants tourists to bring more memorable and thoughtful gifts back home.

Toojah’s mission is to elevate the reputation of the ‘Made in Thailand’ across the globe. In 2014, 26 million foreign tourists visited Thailand, representing an enormous opportunity to promote Thai brands abroad.

Toojah targets varied types of travelers through 4 different themes: Foodie, Wellness, Exotic Thai & Discovery.

  1. Exotic Thai for those who want a variety of classic Thai products
  2. Wellness for those interested in the Thai healing traditions
  3. Discovery for those wanting something quirky and different
  4. Foodie for those curious about Thai cuisine

The brand collaborated with more than 100 Thai locals to source and select items. Each Toojah box comes with a brochure that tells the stories behind the product as well as a Thainess guide and fun facts about Thailand. Designed to be compact to fit a carry-on luggage, the company provides speedy convenience to tourists so they can enjoy other activities in Bangkok.

“Last year, I’ve travelled to 36 countries for my job and I never had the time to shop for gifts. It was always hard to find authentic products and there was no service anywhere I went, to make my life easier. I was stuck with the airport gift shop” said Julien Berthomier, Co-Founder of Toojah.

Both founders have visited 75 countries combined and have realized how painful gift shopping can be in Thailand and elsewhere.

“As a local, I’ve spent countless hours helping friends visiting Bangkok shop for gifts. It involved wasting time in traffic, negotiating a fair price and finding truly authentic Thai products. We’ve created Toojah to be able to help millions of tourists with gift shopping” explains Binbin Natalie Narkprasert, Co-Founder of Toojah.

Toojah officially launches on November 10th 2015 and has already received pre-orders. Customers in Europe and the US have also shown interest in the Toojah box which is also available for international shipping.

Source = Toojah
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