First All-in-One Day Pass/ Hotel Room Key Card for Bangkok Subway

In a joint initiative with the Chaophya Park Hotel, Bangkok, the All-in-One Day Pass and Room Key Card has been designed to be highly functional as an unlimited one day subway travel card and also a room key.

Bangkok Metro Company Ltd. joins forces with hotel businesses along the MRT route to encourage all to greater utilise public transportation as a means to help reduce global warming. The Chaophya Park Hotel is the first hotel to be initiated in to this campaign with the launch of the brand new “All-in-One Day Pass and Room Key Card” a specially designed magnetic key that can be used for traveling on the MRT as well as doubling as a hotel key card. This innovation serves to provide convenience as well as reducing valuable resources.

CEO of BMCL Dr. Sombat Kijjaluck operator of the Chalermratmongkol MRT route disclosed BMCL is dedicated to continuously improving all aspects of services based on quality that reflects on the responsibilities a company has towards society, economy and the environment. With this in mind, the company is looking at encouraging the general public to turn to the use of public transportation to conserve energy therefore initialised a campaign with hotels along its train routes and launching other methodical promotions.

“The card effectively reduces manufacturing costs as well as resources as the card has a longer shelf life and recyclable. Today’s technology allows us to keep up with interesting innovations and allow us to always keep our services appealing to the public,” Dr. Sombat announced.

General Manager of the Chaophya Park Hotel, Mr. Andrew J. Wood revealed, “Many of our guests choose to stay with us because of the close proximity of the subway or MRT as it is called in Bangkok. It makes getting around town so quick and easy. For instance we are only 12 minutes from Asoke where you can link to the  BTS skytrain.”

“The first ever All-in-One Pass and Room Key Card will allow guests that are staying with us and who ride the subway to carry just one handy card. The Chaophya Park Hotel is extremely proud that we were chosen to launch the pilot programme “, said Mr Wood.

More information can be found at or or at the Chaophya Park Hotel, Bangkok tel. 0-2290- 0125 the BMCL Customer Service Centre at tel. 0-2624-5200.
Source = Chaophya Park Hotel, Bangkok
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