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Adventure cruises are driven by the destination and adventure cruising experience, rather than the allure or cachet of a particular vessel. There are generally far fewer passengers on adventure cruise ships than on contemporary cruise lines, with less than 500 on a typical voyage and often as few as 12. This enables adventure cruise operators to deliver a more personal and fulfilling experience for passengers.

The smaller adventure cruise vessels are capable of navigating narrow and shallow waterways

MV Great Escape Kimberley WA Australia

inaccessible to other ships. This opens up new and exciting destinations for discerning travellers while still providing onboard luxury. Adventure cruise itineraries are flexible and often adjusted to take into account changing conditions and opportunities.

Adventure cruises offer extensive onshore excursion programs, often with a choice of several disembarkations per day. Destinations are generally off the tourist track and provide passengers with opportunities to explore some of the most amazing ecological and cultural wonders of the world. Adventure cruise packages are priced much like premium cruises, and crewmembers are selected for their knowledge and qualifications to guide and educate passengers about these destinations.

Amenities on board adventure cruise ships often include state-of-the-art equipment including satellite navigation, first-rate medical facilities, gourmet cuisine and comfortable bunks. Facilities are designed with an adventurous clientele in mind and, depending on the size of the ship, can include fitness centres, climbing walls, aquariums and golf courses.

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