World-class light art from Amsterdam Light Festival travels to Thailand


Millions of lights that form Thailand The Kingdom of Light II are set to spellbound Ratchaprasong visitors with spectacular light arts that travelled all the way from “Amsterdam Light Festival” to create the first experience of a truly world-class light festival right in Thailand.

Masterpieces from artistic and technical collaborations of world-renowned lighting designers and their Thai peers are also on exhibit for up close and personal interaction in the extravaganza of lights across Ratchaprasong District from today to 17 January 2016.

Mr. Nopparat Maythaveekulchai, President of Thailand Convention and Exhibition Bureau (TCEB) said, “TCEB works on pooling in world-class events and profiling Thailand as the destination of international festivals and mega events. At the end of this year we are putting a special emphasis on entertainment, art and cultural events.

“In particular, Bangkok’s greatest light festival Thailand The Kingdom of Light II will take place in Ratchaprasong in collaboration with the organiser of Amsterdam Light Festival.

“In addition to light arts previously exhibited at the world-famous light festival in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, the upcoming festival in Bangkok will feature works that resulted from expertise sharing between world-renowned lighting designer Rogier van der Heide who serves as Artistic Director of Amsterdam Light Festival, and Thai lighting designers, educators, computerisation researchers and developers from ESIC LAB.

“Together, they have created masterpieces in the international zone with an aim to raise the standards of light festivals in Thailand to international heights.”

195 Bottles, 1 Message  – Heart of Onenessimage001

195 Bottles, 1 Message is a light art object by Dutch artists Saskia Hoogendoornand Lieuwe Martijn from Tijdmakers, a renowned creative studio in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The work was inspired by the famous words of Amsterdam’s former alderman Floor Wibaut: “There is only one country: earth. There is only one people: humans. There is only one religion: love.” It sends across an inspiring message of love and oneness of the world.

Exhibit Location: In front of Gaysorn

Floating Light – An Infinite Universe of Light Beams

Floating Light plays with optical illusion of a dark space and floating light beams to create a visual experience that doesn’t end in itself. First exhibited at Amsterdam Light Festival 2013-2014, it is a light art installation by Wouter Brave, a lighting artist and light architect known for his masterful integration of reflecting surfaces.

Exhibit Location: Between Amarin Plaza and Erawan Bangkok

Origami Elephants – Commemorative Lights of Hope, Love and Peaceimage005

Origami Elephants by Chris Bosse, Director of international architecture firm LAVA, presents the national animal of Thailand to symbolise hope, love and peace. Combining ancient lantern making methods with cutting edge digital design and fabrication technology, these origami elephants are made of a lightweight fully-recyclable lampshade material, polypropylene. Low energy LED lighting brings these origami sculptures to life.

Exhibit Location: Skywalk, in front of Gaysorn

The Brain – The Source of Creativity and Innovations

The Brain was created by Dutchanee Ongarjsiri, Vice President of Onga Artful Light Co Ltd, a leading company in lighting design. The work was inspired by the brain, a vital organ that enables creativity and equip human beings with the ability to develop new innovations to fulfill their needs.

Exhibit Location: In front of Gaysorn

Synergetic Lotus – A Sonata of Lightimage009

Synergetic Lotus is a collaboration of Dr Priyakorn Pusawiro, an interaction design technologist, and Joakim Hannerz, a Swedish architect and designer. As its source of inspiration, lotus has always been a powerful and profound symbol. It has been worshipped and admired naturally. Also, it has inspired many poetic and artistic interpretations throughout the history of mankind.

Exhibit Location: In front of Erawan Bangkok

Chairful – The Chairs of Unity

Chairful was created by a team of students from KMUTT’s computer engineering department to represent religious diversity of people around the world and an attitude that people with different beliefs and religions can live in harmony.

Exhibit Location: Skywalk, in front of InterContinental Bangkok Hotel

Be dazzled by the magnificence of light arts created by foreign and Thai lighting designers and the students within international zone of Thailand The Kingdom of Light II from today to 17 January 2016, starting 18:00 hrs daily.

Source = Thailand Convention and Exhibition Bureau
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