Regal Hotels restaurants present 12-monthly crab

1_ Alaska King Crab with Soy Milk and Assorted Vegetable in Clay Pot

“Eat only the seasonal food”, as per the popular Chinese slang, meaning people should only stick with the food which is in season.

Five Chinese restaurants of Regal Hotels specially design monthly crab menus in 2016 for guests who love the freshness. Introducing the first of all, Alaska King Crab Menu in January, the varieties in cooking style will surely amaze guests.

Alaska King Crab is huge in size and tastes extraordinarily good. They grow especially well in winter and live in deeper area of the sea which makes it load with flavour and crab roe.2_ Baked Alaska King Crab with Garlic and Butter

It is extremely tasty to either be simmered, cooked in superior broth, steamed, grilled, etc. During the promotion period, Alaska King Crab with Soy Milk and Assorted Vegetable in Clay Pot is available for guests’ savour.

Soup base is boiled with crab meat and shell. Chef particularly put soya into the soup to have it creamier. With different kinds of vegetables, this dish is an irresistible one. Besides, Baked Alaska King Crab with Garlic and Butter is another Chef’s recommendation. Crab leg is deep-fried to perfect, with crispy golden and butter garlic, adding some greens aside, to ideal the dish.

For guests who would like to try a whole set of the Alaska King Crab a night, there is a 5-course Alaska King Crab Set Menu available at all 5 Chinese restaurants of Regal Hotels.

Alaska King Crab Set Menu – $398 per person

  • Double-boiled Alaska King Crab Soup with Fish Maw
  • Fried Alaska King Crab with Mango Salad Dressing
  • Stir-fried Kurobata Cube with Fungus in Vinegar Sauce
  • Braised Chinese Cabbage with Yunnan Ham in Chicken Broth
  • Glutinous Rice Dumpling in Sweet Ginger and Red Date Soup

*All prices are subject to 10% service charge

3_ Regal Palace of Regal Hongkong Hotel

Source = Regal Hotels International
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