It’s now so easy to give a slice of the good life with the newly-introduced Six Senses Gift Certificates

Six Senses Gift Certificates

Six Senses have introduced the easy way to give the ultimate lifestyle gift, with the new Six Senses Gift Certificates.

With graphics that give a hint of the possibilities in store for the recipient, the Six Senses Gift Certificates are an expression of how much the giver really cares; and will be so much more appreciated than banknotes!

And every order of certificates comes beautifully presented in a gift box made from the most eco-responsible of all materials – paper which is hand crafted from elephant pooh. A talking point in itself, plus you can’t get much greener than genuine elephant pooh paper!

Certificates come in denominations of US$100 and US$1,000 and may be used for any services offered by Six Senses, from fabulous Six Senses Spa sensory journeys, to stays at any Six Senses, Soneva and Evason resort. Use them for dining, excursions operated by Six Senses, and of course for shopping at the innovative Six Senses Gallery boutiques located at every Six Senses property.

Purchase multiple Gift Certificates to create an appropriate total value. For example, US$500 is made up of five one-hundred dollar certificates, enabling the recipient to prolong their joy. Although US Dollars are used as the denomination, the amount will be exchanged to the local currency, where required, at the prevailing rate of the day.

Gift Certificate orders can be made on-line at, or at any Six Senses Gallery. Shipping details and conditions are also to be found at the same Web site.

Source = Six Senses
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