Southall’s brush with death: “Lesson Learnt – Always wear a stinger suit”


Island Caretaker Ben Southall has been stung by a venomous irukandji jellyfish after ignoring Tourism Queensland advice to wear a stinger suit.

It just goes to show that anyone can have a bad day at the office – even the guy with the “best job in the world”.

Ben was stung on his elbow by the potentially deadly jellyfish, which is roughly the size of an adult’s pinky finger.

The 34-year old former British charity worker tweeted about the "crazy 24 hours" after he was stung climbing off a jet Ski near Hamilton Island on Sunday.

"Feeling 100% again after an irukandji sting while jet skiing," he tweeted. "Horrible incident. Lesson learnt – always wear a stinger suit."

A Tourism Queensland spokeswoman said Ben received medical treatment for the headache and nausea he suffered after the sting, but has since made a full recovery.

"Tourism Queensland is pleased to report that Ben is in good health and has no ill effects from the incident," she said.

The Destination Queensland website advises anyone in the ocean north of Agnes Waters to don a stinger suit at this time of year.

Marine stinger expert Lisa-Ann Gershwin said irukandji season peaked between Christmas and New Year.

Ben’s ‘Best Job in the World’ six -month stint as Island Caretaker finishes on December 31, but he will stay on as a global tourism ambassador for Tourism Queensland.

Source = e-Travel Blackboard: C.F
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