Enjoy a seafood dinner buffer at Café Rivoli

3_Lobster PlatterCafé Rivoli presents the irresistible Lobster and Abalone Dinner Buffet from now till 3 July 2016 to satisfy seafood lovers! Come to enjoy a wide range of the freshest seafood and other sumptuous delicacies now!

Ken Chan, newly appointed Executive Chef of the Hotel surprises guests with his creativity! The fresh taste of the Lobster Tail Salad with Melon Puree and Longjing Tea Honey Jelly on the buffet table is a good choice for diners to kick off the evening. Korean Spicy Abalone in Mini Puff Pastry which was made of 256 layers of paper-thin pastry, abalone, kimchi and the Korean spicy sauce to bring diners a crispy taste.2_Deep-fried Abalone and Purple Sweet Potato in Bean Sheets with Grape Yoghurt

Guests will also be addicted to the juicy and aromatic Deep-fried Prawn Ball Stuffed with Lobster and Abalone. As one of the highlights of the buffet, Deep-fried Abalone and Purple Sweet Potato in Bean Sheets with Grape Yoghurt is a dish that purple sweet potato lovers cannot be missed! The sweet and sour grape yoghurt source with the fried abalone and purple sweet potato in the bean sheets may perfectly pleasant to guest’s palate.

Baked Lobster, Abalone and Seafood Pepper Jack Crumble on the buffet table is also recommended to diners. Pepper jack cheese has been selected by chef to make the crumble and dredge on top of the lobster, abalone and other seafood then are baked together. Diners will be stimulated by the fresh and spicy taste of the dish.

Besides the abalone and lobster delicacies, various seafood including Brown Crab, Crab Leg, Welk, Prawn, Mussel, Smoked Salmon, etc are also available on the buffet table. Meanwhile, guests can select different kinds of noodles and match with a selection of food items at the Noodles Corner.

Other recommendations include Daily Carving and Chinese BBQ, Indian Corner, etc. Last but not least, Café Rivoli presents a temptation of the colourful desserts including Almond Soy Bean Jelly, Raspberry Fancier, Green Tea Black Sesame Roll, Haagen-Daz Ice-cream, Mango Napoleon, etc to perfect the evening.

4_Cafe Rivoli

Lobster and Abalone Dinner Buffet

Serving Times: Daily from 6:30 pm to 9:30 pm
Promotion Period: From now till 3 July 2016
Prices: Adult $518 Child $318 (Monday to Thursday) Adult $548 Child $348 (Friday to Sunday, Public Holiday and Eve)
*Prices are subject to 10% service charge

Source = Regal Hongkong Hotel

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