Stopover Finland offers Chinese travellers stopover holiday

Visit Finland

Visit Finland
Stopover Finland offers Chinese travellers stopover holiday

Stopover Finland offers Chinese travellers stopover holiday

Launched in April of 2016, there’s now a quicker and easier way for Chinese customers to schedule their stopovers in Finland and discover two destinations during one trip. Over 12 million travelers go between Europe and China annually and now these travellers will be able to quickly and easily book a stopover for their connecting flight to or from Helsinki on the recently launched website.

StopOver Finland offers a wide range of suggested activities that are easy and fun to plan whether staying for 5 hours or up to 5 days. Only half an hour from the airport, Finland’s capital city, Helsinki, is consistently ranked as a top ten most-livable city by the Economist Intelligence Unit’s Global Livability Rankings year after year. Helsinki offers a unique coastal environment with world-class dining, captivating Art Nouveau architecture, and a design district where 200 of the city’s best artists, designers, and creative agencies are based. Shopping lovers will appreciate world famous brands like Marimekko fashions and Iittala glassware. Helsinki is also home to four Michelin star restaurants, perfect for culinary enthusiasts.

Experience life as a local by immersing yourself in Finnish sauna culture. An invigorating process of immersion in alternating hot and cold baths energizes and detoxifies the body and soul. A central part of the culture, sauna is a family activity and a part of daily life as whole families visit together including children and the elderly as well as a popular place to meet friends and hold business meetings. Finnish Sauna is a perfect way for travellers to care for their wellness as part of the StopOver experience.

Visitors to Finland love the friendly and easy-going lifestyle of the country and the unique combination of sophisticated urban living and incredible natural beauty. The appreciation of the outdoors is a Finnish national pastime and travellers can easily spend a day cruising through the Finnish archipelago made up of 315 small islands or exploring one of Finland’s 38 national parks offering a taste of unspoiled rivers, forests, and lakes. Finland is a source of some of the best berries in the world with 37 edible berries growing naturally in the wild and visitors can experience picking these in the forests and marshes, including blueberries, lingonberries, raspberries, cranberries, and bilberries, all highly desired for their antioxidant properties.

Everyone should experience the natural phenomenon that is the Northern Lights at least once in a lifetime and there’s no better place in the world to view them then from Finland’s clear skies where they can be seen for up to seven months of the year. Finland is known for long days of sunlight offering up to 24 hours of continuous daylight in the northern areas and days of up to 19 hours long in Helsinki in the summer and averaging 14-16 hours in Spring and Fall.

Whether spending 24 hours or 5 days on a Stop Over in Finland, travellers will be able to enjoy the breathtaking experience of nature, wellness, and beauty in the land of Santa Claus and the Northern Lights.

About StopOver Finland

The StopOver Finland program is one of the Team Finland growth programs funded by Finland’s Ministry of Employment and the Economy, the project itself is led by Visit Finland together with partners such as Finnair and the tourism industry in Finland. Additional information on StopOver Finland can be found at

About Visit Finland

Visit Finland, is a state agency actively promoting Finland as a destination for foreign travelers. Visit Finland works closely with Finnish travel regions, travel businesses, transport companies and ministries, marketing tourism to Finland from abroad.



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