8 great reasons to visit Japan


8 great reasons to visit Japan

8 great reasons to visit Japan

Glistening metropolises of neon lights, tropical beaches to the south, breathtaking snow capped mountains to the north, with countless adventures and experiences to undertake in between; there are endless ways to discover Japan.

There are however recommended journeys you can undertake that are guaranteed to provide enriching cultural experiences, unique visions of nature and insights into Japanese life; these are known as the Golden Routes.

Here are eight very good reasons as to why you should be considering Japan as your next holiday destination:

1. Safe and clean – Tokyo ranked #1 and Osaka #3 in the Economist’s Safe Cities Index 2015, low crime rate, high standards of cleanliness and hygiene

2. Four seasons in a beautiful natural environment – from the iconic cherry blossoms, to lively summer festivals, red and gold leaves to powder snow, Japan is truly a destination that is beautiful year-round

3. Coexistence of traditional and modern – Japan is known for its industries and cutting-edge technology as well as 19 World Heritage sites, traditional performing arts, architecture and culture

4. Excellent choice of accommodations and food – from world-class 5-star hotels, traditional Japanese-style ryokan inns, to business hotels and youth hostels, Japan is a destination to suit any budget. Similarly, Japan may be home to the most Michelin-starred restaurants in the world but there’s no shortage of affordable restaurants to enjoy daily fare

5. Unique cultural experiences – dress up in kimono or as a ninja, make your own sushi, learn the art of tea ceremony or flower-arrangement

6. Short time-difference, easy access – Only 1 hour time-difference, so your customers will not experience any jet-lag when visiting Japan and good access from Australia (Direct flights from Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Cairns and the Gold Coast)

7. Advanced transportation network – most of Japan can be accessed by a high-speed rail network which connect major cities. The fastest trains, or shinkansen (bullet-trains) have set international standards for punctuality, speed and safety.

8. Excellent hospitality and high-level of customer service – travellers that visit Japan are most impressed by the level of customer service and warm hospitality they receive. In addition most Japanese citizens are polite and courteous to travellers.



Source = Japan National Tourism Organization - JNTO

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