Samui Island Marathon

Samui is a beautiful island, one of Thailand’s leading tourist destinations that attracts a large number of Thai and foreign visitors each year. The main attraction of this tropical island in addition to its natural beauty on land and under the sea is the local people who are warm and friendly and ready to welcome all visitors with an open smile.

Each year during the rainy season from June to October is the low season and fewer tourists than usual come to Samui. To bring in more tourists, different events are organized at this time of year and sports activity gives another reason for people to spend time in Samui. This is the main reason for the initiative to organize Samui Island Marathon 2010.

To hold an international marathon on Samui would certainly bring more people to the island because Samui is famous as Thailand’s leading tourist destination and long distance running is a popular sport in Thailand. The organizers have plans to publicize the event in neighboring countries and through running clubs in Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Australia whose members have achieved fame in world class marathon.

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  1. To promote and publicize tourism in Samui
  2. To encourage more Thais to travel in Thailand
  3. To promote health and strengthen family ties through sports
  4. To create a sense of unity amongst local residents and tourists, government offices and private enterprises.
  5. To upgrade long distance running to international standard

Target Groups

2,000 to 5,000 people expected to participate
  1. School and university students
  2. General public, government officials in Samui and neighboring provinces
  3. People in Bangkok and abroad who run to promote health and fitness
  4. Tourists within Thailand and from abroad

Date, Venue and Race Route

  • Sunday 19 September 2010.
  • Start from Nathon Pier, follow Highway No. 4169 and turn around at Hua Thanon.
  • Turn left on to Highway No. 4170 at Ban Hua Thanon 3-way Junction.
  • Continue to the end. At Ban Li Pa 3-way Junction.
  • Turn left back on to Highway No 4169.
  • Continue to the Finish Line at Nathon Pier.

Source = Bangkok Airways

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