Hurtigruten ranked highest among Norwegian travel companies

Capture to win with Hurtigruten and Bentours

Hurtigruten ranked highest among Norwegian travel companies

Hurtigruten has maintained its beloved position in Norwegians’ hearts this year, rating highest among travel companies operating within the country.

Community has always been essential to Hurtigruten, and it still holds true to its first iteration as a means of transport between isolated Norwegian communities, even as it expands its tourism market.

This is evidenced in their strong position in the country, with the 2017 RapTrack Norge survey, which compared the reputation of 50 high profile tour companies, saw Hurtigruten take out the top spot.

Not only is Hurtigruten the only fleet that sails up and down the coast of Norway 365 days a year, but their emphasis on community involvement using produce created and caught by local farmers and fishermen on their menu, and fostering generations of skilled crew, whether they are expedition staff or navigational crew, sets them apart.

Guests onboard a Hurtigruten ship are guaranteed to notice this difference with an immersive experience in the traditions of Norway, travelling and sharing their experience with locals and foreigners alike.

Even as Hurtigruten further expands their voyages beyond Norway, community will remain at the heart of Hurtigruten well into the future.

Source = Hurtigruten
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