Flight Review British Airways Flight 15 World Traveller Class (Economy)

Flight Details:

British Airways Flight 15. Singapore to Sydney, 23 October 2010. Seat: 38D, World Traveller Class (Economy).

Check-in and luggage allowance:

Once again I took advantage of BA’s online check-in, hoping to bypass airport queues. Unfortunately, it seemed as though every other Sydney bound passenger had the same idea as queues for the ‘fast bag drop’ were longer than other check-in lines and passengers were told they were unable to enter queues for traditional check-in.

An inevitable result of Singapore shopping, my bag had gained some weight, but was still under the World Traveller baggage allowance of one item weighing up to 23 kilograms.

The person who checked me in was very patient and polite, dealing with big families who seemed to have multiple add on requests.

World Traveller Seat/Cabin conditions:

When checking in online, I chose an aisle seat from the 3-3-3 configuration of the World Traveller class cabin which gave me a bit more room to manoeuvre in the very full plane.

Originally hailing from London, the Singapore to Sydney sector was inevitably flying at full capacity in all classes.

An unusually long delay to the runway was accompanied with no air conditioning which resolved itself as soon as we were moving. However, once in the air a common complaint that it was too cold was met with staff apologies that there were no more extra blankets.

My overhead light blew just before take off, but staff were quick to offer use of their personal book light.

Customer service:

On both leaving and returning British Airways flights, I overheard passengers make special comment on the quality of flight attendant customer service.

My request for another eye mask for the evening flight was serviced quickly and staff were cherry and helpful throughout the journey.

Meal and snack service:

The joys of a few days of fantastic Singaporean cuisine soon gave way to the prosaic reality of airline food, my vegan meal of beans and vegetables fine when seasoned. However, the overcooked vegetables weren’t very appetising. Other less fussy passengers had a choice of beef and rice or a chicken dish.

The vegan snack box distributed before landing was filled with a croissant and yoghurt for all passengers as vegans were given a rice cracker and soy milk. A slight pang for Singaporean breakfast was felt here.


Passengers had access to over 200 films, TV shows and audio choices on demand, and as I had watched all the movies I had wanted to on my way over, I instead listen to Shins side project Broken Bells’ new album.

I also got my Austen fix, watching all four episodes of Emma between dozing.

On-time performance:

Despite a quick and organised boarding, we were ready to take off ahead of time, but due to delays at Changi Airport, we took off over a half an hour later than planned.

Storms at both ends of the flight saw us land in Sydney some 45 minutes late in time for the usual busy Sydney Airport morning throng.

Source = e-Travel Blackboard: G.A
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