BA Chairman criticizes US security demands

British Airways Chairman Martin Broughton has criticized the United Kingdom for “kow-towing” to US demands for increased airport security.

Mr Broughton told The Financial Times at the UK Airport Operators Association in London that several security measures in airports had become “completely redundant” and should be scrapped.

He noted particularly that the practice of forcing people to take off their shoes and have their laptops checked separately was unnecessary.

"We all know there’s quite a number of elements in the security programme which are completely redundant," he said.

Broughton said it was counter-productive to "kow-tow to the Americans every time they wanted something done," especially given the fact that the United States don’t impose the same stringent rules on its own domestic routes.

"America does not do internally a lot of the things they demand that we do. We shouldn’t stand for that," he said.

"We should say, ‘We’ll only do things which we consider to be essential and that you Americans also consider essential’."

A steady accumulation of rules has been adopted in airports since the September 11, 2001 attacks on everything from onboard liquids to hand baggage.
Source = e-Travel Blackboard: C.F
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