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Content is King

It takes more than great pictures to attract and maintain email subscribers. Your content has to planned, written and edited specifically for email delivery and eReading.

You know the old adage: Pictures speak louder than words. Well, this is not always true in the email environment.

According to specialist online research firm Eyetrack, 78% of users look at website text before they look at graphics on the same page.

Stop for a moment and consider your own online behaviour … I can guarantee you will admit that you go online looking for information and that you scan pages until you find what you want. The web is a jungle and we are all just foraging for what we need!

Writing for an eAudience
So what does all this mean for those of us trying to write for an eAudience?
1.            It means that content is king. The world’s greatest graphic designer will not save you from the delete button if the content that your reader wants is not front and centre. In fact, overly complex graphics could be a hindrance if your email is slow to download or so large that it crashes your subscribers’ email system. Try rebuilding a business relationship after that!
2.            Give your audience what they want. Remember, people are scanning for information online and less than 20% of people will read word for word. As you are writing, think less about what you want to say and more about the person who has subscribed to your eNewsletter. Work out what they are looking for and give it to them!
3.            Keep it simple. Screen reading is about 25% slower than hard copy, so you need to make your copy easy on the eye and easy on the brain. 50% of your eReaders drop off after 300 words and about 80% by 500 words, so keep your copy short. Use simple sentences and plain language too; would you read Shakespeare off a computer screen?
If you are stuck for content, check with your front line staff. What are they being asked? If it is enough of an issue to bring people to your front counter, or FAQ section, the chances are that it will interest a broader audience.

For the first few issues of your eNewsletter, run your copy by someone who is not involved in the business but is in your target market. Is it readable? Is it interesting? Would they act on the information you have provided? You may not like what you hear, and you may need to rethink your content, but the final product will register more unique opens than your first draft.

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Source = Adrian Caruso & TA Fastrack
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