Explosives bound for US intercepted

Two parcel bombs sent from Yemen to the United States have been seized by security officials in Britain and Dubai.

The two parcels were described as a “credible terrorist threat” by US President Barrack Obama.

The President said the suspicious packages were destined for “two places of Jewish worship in Chicago.”

The packages were found on cargo planes on Friday – one in Dubai and the other at Britain’s East Midlands Airport.

According to Airwise, al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, are suspected to be behind the attempted terrorist attacks; the same organisation who took responsibility for a failed plot to blow up a US passenger jet on Christmas Day, 2009.

The incident has stirred intense international response.

“I can confirm the device was viable and could have exploded. The target may have been an aircraft and had it detonated, the aircraft could have been brought down,” British Home Secretary Theresa May said.

Homeland Security in Washington DC has begun checking whether other packages had been sent before the two that were intercepted.

“We’re doing some reverse engineering as it were to identify other packages from Yemen,” said Janet Napolitano, Homeland Security on NBC News.

The US President has assured the public that US authorities would spare no expense to locate the source of the two parcels in order to prevent further attack attempts.
Source = e-Travel Blackboard: P.T
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