Abacus first in Singapore to implement interactive seat allocation system for SilkAir

Abacus International, Asia’s leading provider of travel solutions and services, has implemented an interactive pre-reserve seat (IPRS) system for SilkAir in order to streamline flight bookings and offer customers a seamless travel experience.

Depending on airline’s requirement, the IPRS system offers real-time seat information and allows airlines to provide immediate seat selection confirmation. It also offers alternate seating if the first choice is not available as well as priority seating to frequent flyers. Without the hassle and time spent on making calls to the airline reservation office for seat confirmation, agents, and corporate users can select and confirm preferred seats, ensuring agent productivity.

IPRS instantly transmits seating requests to the airline, allowing the carrier to provide immediate confirmation or an alternative choice.  When used in conjunction with Interactive Seat Map (IMAP), airlines have ultimate control over their advanced seating process by displaying and securing seats on a “real-time” basis.  Airlines can also advertise detailed seat characteristics and offer special seating for preferred customers.

“Abacus is always improving our value provided to the end travel consumers, and we work closely with carriers and travel agencies in Singapore and across the region to do so,” said Mr Ho Hoong Mau, Director, Airlines Distribution of Abacus International. “This technology offers great benefits of both cost and time efficiencies by linking SilkAir seamlessly with the travel agencies and passengers to allocate seating dynamically. Ultimately, Abacus believes in working with our airlines customers to deliver better service to their end consumers in order to drive higher revenue for airlines.”

The system reduces non-revenue generating phone calls to the airline to confirm seat requirements, allowing agents and airlines alike to  cut down on the time needed typically to make these bookings. Passengers also will appreciate the reduction in processing time during airport check-in.

Mr Alvin Seah, SilkAir’s Vice President Commercial, said, “We are continuously improving our product offerings for our customers and constantly seeking ways to add value to the travel experience. To serve our customers better in the past year, we have introduced new destinations, increased frequencies on routes with strong demand and have progressively refreshed our inflight products.

“And with the implementation of Interactive Pre-reserved Seats system through Abacus, our customers now, through their travel agents, have the option to select their preferred seats, giving them more control over their travel experience and hopefully making their flight a more comfortable one.”

Source = Abacus International
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