TSA gives thanks planned protests flop


Planned protests against new security procedures introduced by America’s Transportation Security Administration (TSA) failed to disrupt the country’s biggest travel weekend.

The anticipated disruptions fell short of expectations as hundreds of thousands of Thanksgiving Day commuters nationwide commenced their travel, little affected by protesters of TSA’s new security measures, the Washington Post reported.

The TSA’s introduction of scanners that show revealing images of passenger’s bodies or the alternative and controversial ‘pat-downs’, prompted a call out to people to participate in National Opt-Out Day asking them to say no to scans and body searches – a move expected to slow proceedings considerably.

However, most airports across the country saw few interruptions of their holiday services, many passengers surprised by the unexpected “tranquility”.

"I expected to stand in line for hours," air passenger Judith Gilbert told the newspaper, adding that her experience at Baltimore-Washington International Marshall Airport was surprisingly swift.

A TSA spokesperson reported that, "Things are going smoothly", refuting claims from Opt-Out organisers that people were staying home and choosing not to fly.

Protest organisers claimed the campaign was a “success” as it was “always about getting attention to the issue”.

One passenger travelling with his 20 month old daughter made clear the choice air passengers faced, telling the newspaper, "We gotta get to Grandma’s".

"The choice is to have her microwaved or felt up, but we gotta get to Grandma’s, so we’ll do it."
Source = e-Travel Blackboard: G.A
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