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Two Pieces of Artwork donated by James B. Flaws and Marcia D. Weber – Rockwell Museum of Western Art

In summer of 2010, the Board of Trustees and staff of the Rockwell Museum of Western Art accepted two generous gifts of artwork from major donors, James B. Flaws and Marcia D. Weber, of Corning, NY. A part of the current temporary exhibition, 21st Century Regionalists: Art of the Next West, two new pieces were accessioned into the Museum’s permanent collection and are currently on display as part of the exhibition, now through January 9, 2011.

David DeVary’s, Go Girl, oil on canvas painting, is provocative and idealized. The cowgirl portrays signature DeVary traits:  beauty, boldness and confidence. Her yellow duster, the hat that shields her eyes, and the body language that exudes attitude result in a striking portrait.  Glorifying cowgirls and cowboys, DeVary explains: “I’m not painting history; rather, I’m trying to capture the mythical American West…a larger-than-life quality representing the embodiment of repressed wishes and the desires of modern society.”

“Both the paintings we chose had so much color and life that we wanted to keep them here in Corning,” said Marcia D. Weber.

The second piece, by Doug Smith, is called Americas Crazy Quilt, and is acrylic on canvas. The painting depicts Smith’s interpretation of idyllic America rest atop farmland that he describes as “diverse American farmland grids…the same multi-colored fields and unique textures found in crazy quilts.” Crazy quilts have been created in rural communities throughout the United States for more than a century. Hand-sewn, usually by women, these artworks incorporated small richly colored pieces of cloth, creating beautiful irregular patterned quilts.

“We have been strong supporters of the Rockwell Museum for many years. We like being able to help the Rockwell expand its collections. We believe the Rockwell collection needs to expand to capture new significant artwork as it is created.  These contemporary pieces help achieve this objective,” said James. B. Flaws.

James B. Flaws and Marcia D. Weber are longstanding supporters of the Museum who have contributed in significant ways.In late 2006, the Rockwell Museum of Western Art received a gift from Mr. James Flaws and Ms. Marcia Weber that provided the Museum with funds to begin building a collection of art and artifacts from the local Iroquois (Haudenosaunee) nations.

This contribution has allowed the Museum to add a significant dimension to the permanent collection that provides new opportunities for exhibitions and educational programming.

David DeVary’, Go Girl, 2008, oil on canvas, 58 x 44 in.
Museum purchase with funds donated by James B.
Flaws and Marcia D. Weber. 2010.3

Doug Smith, Americas Crazy Quilt, 2010, acrylic on canvas,
60 x 48 in. Museum purchase with funds donated by
James B. Flaws and Marcia D. Weber. 2010.4


Source = Rockwell Museum of Western Art
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