Macao Light Festival 2017

Macao Light Festival

Macao Light Festival

Macao Light Festival 2017

MACAO is awash with colours this month as the former Portuguese enclave celebrates the festive season with its very own spectacular light festival, themed Amor Macau.

And the good news is that the family festival is FREE.

In lighting up the night’s sky each evening until the end of the year, the Macao Light Festival 2017 presents a “glamorous journey brimming with love and dreams”, from the steps leading to the iconic Ruins of St Paul’s to the cobblestone paths near the Taipa Houses Museum.

More than 100 local transmedia creators have put forward their best designs to generate an innovative program of projection mapping, colourful light installations, interactive games at various locations around the compact UNESCO World Heritage-listed Asian centre.

The program includes bonus activities such as a light art exhibition, outdoor concerts, an outdoor movie and a special Light Festival dinner.

Organised by the Macao Government Tourism Office (MGTO), the festival will also unveil cultural and creative products, launched in tandem with the celebrations.

“It’s the third successive year Macao has hosted the light festival and judging by this month’s spectacle it is perhaps the best,” said Helen Wong, general manager of the MGTO (Australia and New Zealand).

“If you want to see such historic sites as the Ruins of St Paul’s and the Taipa Houses in a very different light, now is the time to visit,” she said. “You will be impressed by the mapping and lighting.”

The lights are switched on each evening between 7.00 and 10.00 with the major projection mapping taking place at the Ruins of St Paul’s, St Anthony’s Church and St Lazarus Church.

Interactive games also take place at the Ruins of St Paul’s and St Lazarus Church while outdoor concerts are set down for Anim’ Art Nam Van Lake on Saturday nights.

Venture to Senado Square, Calçada da Igreja de S. Lázaro and Albergue SCM, Anim’Arte NAM VAN, the Nam Van Lake Nautical Centre, Taipa Houses and Camoes Garden and expect to see spectacular light installations.

Details: Macao Government Tourism Office, phone (02) 9264 1488 or

Source = Macao Government Tourism Office
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