GTA updates hotel partners on benefits


GTA updates hotel partners on benefits

GTA updates hotel partners on benefits

GTA brought together some of Australia’s leading hoteliers this month for a high-level briefing on its strategic plans for 2018 and news of the company joining Hotelbeds Group.

GTA’s Vice-President, Hotel Sourcing APMEA, Andrew Hughes told the gathering at Hyatt Regency Sydney that the company recently becoming part of Hotelbeds Group – along with Tourico Holidays earlier in the year – would benefit hotel partners by helping simplify an increasingly complex distribution environment.

“It is about bringing together three companies with complementary strengths in terms of distribution,” said Hughes. “Hotelbeds Group globally is very strong in Europe, Tourico Holidays is bigger in the Americas and GTA has a great presence in Asia Pacific and Middle East. Together we cover the world. Together the Group now has over 170,000 hotels and will sell around 50 million room nights annually.

“This news will also enable us to combine resources in order to develop an enhanced range of services, products and technology solutions that will be of value to our hotel partners.”

While the integration of GTA and Tourico Holidays into Hotelbeds Group has now begun, Hughes said the process would take time.

“It is absolutely our intention to bring these three businesses together during 2018, but as far as GTA’s hotel partners are concerned in the meantime it is very much business as usual.”

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