New Dehli putts for golf


The New Dehli government is working on holding workshops on Golf Tourism in a bid to promote niche tourism into India.

Culture Minister Kumari Selja said developing a niche market would attract tourism throughout the year, Sifi Finance reported.

“Golf, as a sport, can be developed as a tourism product especially to attract the high-end tourists, must be discussed thoroughly in the workshop to achieve desired results,” Ms Selja said.

“This will enable the government to break the October to March Syndrome that affects India Tourism particularly in the case of foreign tourist arrivals.

“We have such a wide range of niche tourism products like golf, wellness and medical tourism that the ministry has identified to promote in the key target markets.”

According to the Minister 52 percent of travelling golfers take two or more trips a year and spend on up to 33 percent more on their golfing holiday than regular travellers.

“It is stated that 70-78 percent golfers would be prepared to visit a new golfing destination and this community represents the wealthiest 50 percent of all golfers,” she added.
Source = e-Travel Blackboard: N.J
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