Pioneer of animamix – Transforms Langham Place lobby


Moving away from a traditional art gallery environment, internationally renowned Chinese sculptor Luo Zhenhong is to hold his next exhibition in the lobby of Langham Place hotel between 22 February and 18 April 2011.

Named the ‘pioneer of animamix’ by renowned Chinese art critic Victoria Lu Rongzhi, Luo’s exhibition ‘Mirror Mirror On The Wall’ will star 109 caricature sculptures posing on a destroyed Mini Cooper fresh from the wreckers.

At just 29, Luo’s rise to notoriety has been exponential.  His sculptures mirror the struggle faced by many young Chinese trying to find individuality on the world’s most populous continent.  Each piece represents a different vocation within society; reflecting China’s exuberant love affair with all things commercial and consumerable…but perhaps most optimistically each piece looks upwards to a bright future.

The hotel’s general manager Shaun Campbell says:  “We were very excited when Luo agreed to holding this exhibition in our lobby.”

With more than 1,500 pieces of art, Langham Place owns one of the world’s most impressive collections of contemporary Chinese art. “It often plays a key reason in why our guests choose us,” says Shaun.  “Our art tells great stories about the culture we operate in and I’ve had many guests tell me they chose us because they like the thought of sleeping under the same roof as work by the likes of Wang Guangyi, Yue Minjun and Jiang Shuo.  We always want to keep things fresh though, so to add to our guest experience with art of Luo’s calibre is brilliant.”

The exhibition is a collaboration between Luo Zhenhong, Langham Place hotel and the hotel’s art consultant Angela Li of Contemporary by Angela Li.

All public are free to view Luo’s work at their leisure on the lobby level of the hotel.  While visiting the exhibition, public are also able to do a free iPod tour of key art pieces within the hotel.


Langham Place’s Art in Residence ‘Mirror Mirror On The Wall’ stars 109 caricature sculptures in its lobby

Internationally renowned Chinese sculptor Luo Zhenhong’s sculptures mirror the struggle faced by many young Chinese

Source = Langham Place
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